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The Luma Aesthetics team of qualified and experienced Cosmetic Registered Nurses are experts in performing comprehensive consultation, full-face assessment and developing multi-modality treatment plans to achieve natural-looking, harmonised results. Our team are committed to continued professional development to ensure we stay at the forefront of techniques, treatments and products to deliver our patients the safest and most effective cosmetic services.

Due to TGA and AHPRA guidelines, we are unable to provide detailed and specific information related to our treatments however if you are considering cosmetic treatments, please schedule a consultation where we can discuss your suitability, treatment and product options, our clinical results, risks and pricing.


Our muscles originate on bone and insert through to the skin. Constant contraction of the muscle therefore tethers on the skin and over time plays a significant role in the formation of static lines (wrinkles). 

Our team can provide consultations related to reducing wrinkles, addressing concerns connected to minimising visual signs of the natural ageing process and providing preventative solutions. 

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enhancement, harmonisation & volume restoration CONSULTATIONS

We can provide consultations to achieve your aesthetic goals  related to enhancement of features, facial harmonisation, side profile balancing, contouring and volume restoration.


As the top layer of our facial structure, our skin health plays a very important role in achieving a youthful, glowing appearance. 

Innovative cosmetic treatments are available to address common concerns related to skin laxity and the appearance of lines. 

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FAT DISSOLVING consultations

Fat-dissolving cosmetic treatments are ideal for treating small stubborn areas of fat that are non-respondent to diet and exercise such as the sub-mental area (double chin), bra fat and lower abdomen. 

To schedule an appointment with a Luma Cosmetic Registered Nurse, please click the below link and book online. Treatment suitability is subject to individual consultation and assessment at your appointment. 

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